1. Dumping Decrypted Documents from a North Korean PDF Reader
  2. A Brief Look At North Korean Cryptography
  3. SiliVaccine: Inside North Korea’s Anti-Virus
  4. DPRK Android Apps Part 1: Recipes, Games and Dictionaries of Woolim
  5. Digital transformation in banking


  1. DPRK Consumer Technology
  2. Governmental Control of Digital Media Distribution in North Korea: Surveillance and Censorship on Modern Consumer Devices
  3. Exploring North Korea’s Surveillance Technology
  4. Compromising Connectivity: Information Dynamics between the State & Society in a Digitizing North Korea


  1. Woolim - Lifting the Fog on DPRK's Latest Tablet PC
  2. North Korea .kp TLD Zone Data


  1. Lifting the Fog on Red Star OS
  2. Red Star OS Watermarking


  1. Computer Science in the DPRK